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A few weeks ago, we kicked off our fall season with the Celebration of New Ministry. It was one of the most moving moments I have experienced. After being at Grace for over two years I realized that this service wasn’t so much about “new” ministry as it was “shared” ministry. It was indeed about all of us, together, living into God’s vision for Grace Church in Goochland. That is worth celebrating.
The video history that was presented to the congregation made known that “We are Grace.” Each generation, each family, each member. We are the body of Christ that calls this place home. I am honored to be here with you, to remember our past and build our future.
As we begin our stewardship campaign for 2019, I want you to remember that ministry is indeed a celebration and a blessing. It is also an important responsibility.
I asked the vestry to prayerfully consider what God desires for the future of Grace Church. A few things stood out to me in their responses:
1)    We are a committed, loving church family and that is one of our greatest blessings.
2)    We are a group of dedicated Christians, seeking to do God’s work in Goochland.
3)    We are a place of welcome, compassion, and love for every person who walks through our doors.
When we look toward the future, those are not only our greatest assets, they are what people so desperately need right now. We have worked hard over the past two years to build structures that will sustain Grace for years to come. We have built a beautiful music ministry. We have added a Community Prayer Service, youth activities and adult formation opportunities. And, of course, we continue to have joyful fellowship time together.
However, we don’t have to look far to also know that it is time to grow and share that good work with our community. As you consider your gift for 2019, envision how we can build a more vibrant church with greater opportunities for spiritual growth, community outreach, and fellowship. Consider how we can tell others about Grace and invite them to be a part of this place that we love so well.
What do you imagine the future of Grace to be?
This is our time to be renewed and rejuvenated. Enclosed is your 2019 pledge card. Between now and November 11th consider how your gift will contribute to building our future. Let us go now into the world and share the gift of Grace with others.
The Rev. Emily Dunevant